Every small business goes through a rough patch - that's what makes business interesting! However there can come a time where things get serious, and you can feel like you are living a timebomb, headed for voluntary administration. 

If that is you, BizAssist may be able to help you get back on track. We use a unique, technology-first approach to accounting and management. We help you re-prioritise your business, adopt new ideas and to ensure your business can continue trading long into the future.


"I'm in deep trouble" - Why BizAssist? 

Voluntary Administration is a scary concept, that can have ramifications both professionally, and personally. For company directors, a company insolvancy can affect your ability to be a director, and can have legal ramifications if you are trading while insolvant. 

We believe that every business has potential to begin succeeding again. Our team of seasoned accounting, business and IT professionals are dedicated to finding a solution to your troubles, and providing a roadmap back to prosperity. 

As a director, you have a statutory obligation to ensure your company stays solvant and that your creditors are repaid. That's why our first step is to determine whether your company can legally stay out of an administration process. 


BizAssist helps companies and their directors ascertain the liquidity of their troubled companies, and then does a thorough analysis to identify growth opportunities and efficiencies to avoid an insolvancy process, and begin growing again. 

What we look at

  • 1. Look at the books

    Before we can get onto the business of saving your business, we need to make sure your business is still solvant. We look at your assets, liabilities, debts and debtors to assess whether BizAssist is for you, and if our services can help you. 

  • 2. Look at the business

    After our team of crack CPAs has had a look at your books, we will send our team of management professionals. They will have a look at policies and procedures of your business to find efficiencies that save time, money and effort. 

  • 3. Look at the tech

    When we have looked at the management and accounting side of your business, we send our team from Evisory Solutions. They will have a look at your ICT setup to come up with tech investments to save time and money long term

  • 4. Look at everyone

    The last step is to ask your employees and customers what you do well, what needs to be improved, and suggestions on how to gain a competitive advantage long into the future. Ideas can flow from all angles, not just from the top-down. 

Saving your company using technology

We look at the bigger picture when saving companies, not just the books. 

When we talk about modern business, the use of technology to drive a competitive advantage are inseparable from success and profitability. 

While the business practices of old may have worked in the past, companies that have a digital strategy and use technology to manage their businesses tend to be significantly more profitable and successful in reaching new clients and expanding their markets. 

ICT experience and knowledge at Evisory Accountants and BizAssist is retained at an executive level - meaning your business can benefit from the consulting knowledge of our 15 year-experienced executives with postgraduate qualifications in both SME management and information systems. 

We firmly believe that having digital processes and having a digital strategy to stand out amongst the competition is equally as important as a healthy balance sheet. We consider both in our BizAssist analysis of your company. 

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Can my business be saved?

The BizAssist service is designed as a proactive first step intervention before "things get serious". We are in the business of saving businesses.

While we can never guarantee that every business that approaches us for help can be saved, quite often having a fresh set of eyes to take a look at your business from an outsiders' perspective, can allow for greater insight into how to do things differently.

Our BizAssist service is unique to us - as an accounting firm, yes we look at the books, but more than that, we look at the business you have created as a whole.


There is more to a company than its' books - it is people's livelihoods, it is the loyalty you have built with your clients, and in lots of cases, building it has been your whole life. We get that and we want to build on that dedication.


BizAssist looks at your policies, management structures, supplier information, technology, marketing strategy to find potential improvements, and then seek feedback from your employees and customers. We then analyse this information to provide a report of recommendations designed to help save your business. 


We believe most businesses can be saved. We believe that saving yours is possible. 


This service is for everyone, no matter what industry you come from. 

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How do we get started?

For just $299.00, we can have a quick look at your company to give our initial thoughts

Your time is precious, and so is ours. We wouldn't want to string you along if we don't think we can help you. That's why for just $299.00 upfront, you will get:

  1. A quick financial analysis of your company

  2. A get-to-know your company call with our Group CEO

  3. A quick analysis of your website, brand image and advertising from our digital experts at Evisory Success

  4. A basic report detailing our preliminary findings and how the Evisory Group could help you. 

If we can help you (chances are we will), we will conduct a more rigourous analysis based on our four step analysis method.


To get started, just fill out the form below, send us an email or give us a call for a no obligation chat about how the Evisory Group can help. 

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